Dr. Peter Spennato, DDS

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For residents of San Pedro, CA, Dr. Peter Spennato, DDS is best dentist in town. He’s held his dental practice in California for many years now, specializing in general dentistry. Families in San Pedro never hesitate to visit his clinic for check-ups and procedures because his gentle demeanor makes him approachable even to kids.

Dr. Spennato knows full well that children who had a traumatizing experience at the dentist’s clinic may grow up to be adults who are not too keen about going to the dentist for routine check-ups. This is why when parents bring their children for their first dental appointment, he makes sure that they are comfortable and feel safe in his clinic. He wants to remove the stigma attached to dental visits—that of fear.

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Dental Practice

His dental services are focused primarily on general dentistry, which make him the ideal family dentist. To give you an overview of his services, below are a few of them.

  • Preventive care and maintenance
  • Tooth restoration
  • Tooth extraction
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Overall oral health

Dr. Peter Spennato, DDS wants his patients to always be proud and confident when they smile, which is why he recommends a routine check-up every six months. To the average person, he or she may not be aware of existing dental or oral health problems because they see no signs of such. They also do not feel any pain. But to a trained eye, these problems can be easily identified, which is why a checkup every six months is important.

For most people, the only time to go to the dentist is when they are already in pain, or when they’ve already chipped or lost a tooth. But these could have been easily avoided had they gone to their dentist for a routine check.

Additionally, you can have your teeth cleaned when you go for a check-up. Brushing alone isn’t enough. And even if you floss and gargle, you may still develop plaque which can cause a multitude of dental problems if this isn’t removed immediately.

You can visit Dr. Spennato for teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, bridge or crown installation, dental implants, fillings, and tooth restoration. There’s no reason for you to avoid smiling because you’re conscious about the appearance of your teeth. Professional dentists like Dr. Peter Spennato are here to help restore your smile and regain your confidence.

Dr. Spennato is also busy with Painless Properties, a property management company, as well as his martial arts training.