Peter Spennato, Certified Firearms Instructor

In his professional life, Dr. Peter Spennato, DDS spends most of his time at his clinic in San Pedro, CA providing dental services to his patients, and also at Painless Properties, a property management company. But what many may not know about him is that apart from continuously training in martial arts (since 1967), he has also spent a great deal of time in firearms training. As a matter of fact, his extensive training in firearms developed in him the skills, discipline, and expertise necessary to become a certified firearms instructor. He is a DOJ and NRA certified firearms instructor.

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Brief Background on Firearms Training

In 1992, Peter Spennato underwent Close Quarters Battle (CQB) firearms training at Front Site, West Coast Tactics under former SWAT Commander Rick Brown of the La Puenta County Sheriff Department. He also trained for CQB handguns under Navy Seal Jeff Gonzales.

CQB training prepares the police force, military, and security personnel for close quarters combat, providing them with tactical skills for assault before the opponent can react. The training equips you with the skills to plan your assault, including methods of entry, without putting the lives of civilians in danger.

Peter also enlisted for edge weapons training, this time under federally certified force options instructor, Steve Tarani.

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DOJ Certification

Getting a DOJ certification to become a firearms instructor requires rigorous training, and is actually quite a tedious process. You first have to file a Certificate of Eligibility (COE), and secure this certification before you can move on to the next steps.

After you’ve secured your COE from the Bureau of Firearms, you will need to complete a Firearm Safety Certificate Program (formerly Handgun Safety Certificate Program). Under this program, you will have to take and pass a written exam on firearm safety, which you can take at participating firearms dealerships or training facilities.

NRA Certification

The National Rifle Association (NRA) requires all certificate applicants to undergo extensive training in firearms use and safety. The applicant will be required to demonstrate their firearm handling skills, and will have to undergo and pass an NRA Instructor Training Course.

Once you have successfully completed all the necessary requirements, you will be given your certification.

As you can see, becoming a certified firearms instructor is no easy task. It requires rigorous training to make sure that you will not be putting your students in harm’s way, and at the same time, be able to effectively teach them about firearm safety.

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But Peter Spennato is determined to become a certified firearms instructor which is why he didn’t think twice about completing all the requirements even if it meant giving up his leisure time for his training.